Frequently Asked Questions

The founders of EMS had run the company for such a long time that they reached a point where they wanted to try and pursure something else, this left EMS with a lack of people and resources.

Cardin is a company that was created to develop solutions to problems. One such problem that Cardin solves is the support for EMS products and services. Cardin is in such a position to offer this because it has ties with the founders of EMS. Cardin operates on very limited resources, and is run by two people working in their spare time.

The process for quoting and buying is as follows:
  • Send an email to and let us know what you need and where we should post it to.
  • We'll estimate shipping and send you an invoice.
  • After the invoice has been paid, we'll post the goods to the address you nominate

The process for repairs and check-ups are the same as above, when purchasing something. Keep in mind that products sent back will be checked with a $60AUD inspection fee + return postage, if parts are required for the repair which will increase the cost of the repair, we'll reach out and let you know before proceeding with the repair.

Some of the products that we manufacture and source are:
  • 1/2/3/4 Channel Ignitors
  • EM80 ECUs and wiring harnesses
  • IDI Systems
  • Various Sensors and Auxiliary Components
We also provide the same services that EMS offered such as:
  • ECU Upgrades
  • ECU Repairs
  • ECU Testing
  • ECU Unlocking
We try to manufacture as many products that EMS had stocked in the past, however there are some products that we can't manufacture anymore due to component availability, these include:
  • CDI Systems
  • EDL Dashes

Contact Us

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us and leave a message via email or phone:


Phone: 1300 502565

Address: PO Box 7080 Wilberforce 2756, NSW, Australia